Dan's 14 foot 1957 Duratech S147 Sealine runabout.  This is the standard model, very nice, Dan!

Colby's 14 foot 1957 Duratech S-147-RD. (Sealine Runabout Deluxe) Full boat restoration done fall of 2006, motor restored spring of 2007.  What a beauty! 

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Brian's 1957 S-13-R. (Sealine runabout, 13 ft.)  After restoring this classic, Brian scored 97 of 100 points at an ACBS sponsored show in Ohio two years ago, and took first place in the OB class.  Nice job! 

Here is Bruce out for a run in the  Sealine 15 foot runabout he just recently acquired; lots of potential for restoration and Bruce will be making a project of it.  Stay tuned!

Duratech S199 - a 1959 Sealine 19 footer, owned by Troy.  Looks like the young lady is ready for a cruise!

Custom restoration on this 1957 13 foot Sealine runabout by Ken the "FlyinAce".  Check his other (non-Duratech) boats on the Classic Boathouse website.

Pete's 1958 16' Duratech Sealine S168.

Here are Dave and Dave's Sealines!  Two good friends with two great, tough boats!

Here is Brian's 17 foot 1964 Duratech Orion. Brian's grandfather Norman bought it new in '64, passed it onto Norm (Brian's father), and Brian hopes to preserve it for generations to come. Very nice, all original.

Maurice's 18 foot 1964 Galaxy.  Maurice bought it from his father in 1965 after having owned a 16 foot Duratech as well.  In the 80's, Maurice did some resto work - seats, carpet, paint, emblems.  In 2000 he dropped a MerCruiser 140 I/O in her.  Nice boat!

Al and his friend Andi showing off his very nice ('62?) Duratech Marlin, great condition!

Dennis' 14 foot 1957 Duratech Sealine S147RD.  Nice job on the custom restore!

Patti and Tom's 1963 Duratech Neptune. Restoration done in 2003, and the Duradecking is in great shape!

Tom and Nina's Pram!  These Prams remain the toughest and most sea-worthy little boats around.  Check the Pram video from another owner, which is linked from our web links page.

JoeMan's 16 foot 1964 Duratech Neptune. Custom restoration took place February - May of 2006. Here they are out cruising the Neptune in Lake St. Clair, Michigan - this pic taken spring '07.  Restoration video link is found on our web links page.

Here is Sal's 1961 Meteor.  This was the first year for the Meteor model name, which was really just Sealine under a new name.  In '62, the Meteor was re-introduced, and took on more of the styling of the Marlin, which can be seen below.

Mark in his 1961 S-19 (Sealine 19 footer) out on the lake. 

Steve in his Duratech Skier.  Returning to the dock after some morning fishing perhaps?  Nice shot.

Bob's 14 ft. Duratech Marlin.

Matt's 1968 Penn Yan built Duratech Orion.  Dad bought it new in '68 and passed it onto Matt in 1999.  Check out the original vintage photo from when she was new!  > > >

Matt's 1968 Duratech Orion when new.  Thanks for sharing the vintage family polaroid.

Adam and Mary's Duratech Comanche.  They just acquired this one, and will be restoring to original!

Norm's 1962 Duratech Comanche!  These cruisers were built to smile at rough water. 

Here is the ultimate Duratech fishing boat - Dave's "Musky Hunter".  A well engineered customization turned this formerly tired Duratech Comanche cabin cruiser into an all weather, lean & mean fishing machine!

Marc's 1955 Duratech S13.  Here's another one soon to be custom restored!  Check the DURATECH branding on the corners of the stern.

Jim with his 1951 Pram 93, taken in 1982.  Jim also owns a 1954 Duratech 116 Pram (11 foot, 6 inch)  Great fleet!

Check out Tom and Nina's Pram!  What a gorgeous serene fishing spot, and a very nice camo-job on the old classic Duratech!  And yes...it seems we have TWO sets of "Tom and Nina" which own prams in our gallery! 

Ben's 1958 Sealine 148R.  Ben is considering some resto work. This is already a nice boat with great potential.

Adam and his boy Aiken in their 1960 Sealine S14R with the 'sparkling bronze' decking.  They obviously feel as I do...that even when not in the water, it's still enjoyable to sit in the Duratech.

Here is the 1962 Galaxy 18 purchased new by Ron's father.  They used it for one summer, Ron went off to college, and the boat has since been in storage from 1963 until summer of 2009!

Bob and Diane's Duratech Neptune.  Beautiful condition, completely original!

Mike and the family floating in their 17 foot Duratech SportBoat.  Not many of these around, nice to have you in the gallery!

Tim & Cyd's in their 1960 S14RD, out for a nice cruise!

Ritchie's 1964 Duratech Neptune.  This one has been in the family for approximately 20 years.  Ritchie's father did some previous updating including seats; Ritchie will be making additional improvements!

Nat's 18" Duratech Galaxy.

Bill's 1952 V125LS - a solid 12 foot Veeline Utility.   

Bob's 1960 Duratech Sealine S14RD

Burt's 1963 Duratech Marlin!

Matt's 1965 Duratech Comanche Cruiser!  What a beautiful water shot!

1960 Duratech Cutlass - a rather rare 13' 5" fiberglass runabout speedboat.

Here is Chuck's 1959 S199, a 19 foot Sealine Runabout in very nice condition.

Bob's 1959 Duratech 14 foot Sealine, picked this one up on eBay, fall of '06. 

Duratech 14 foot Sealine, 1955.  The red windshield is quite a unique customization.

Cheryl and Michael's V-12-A, a 12 foot Veeline utility boat.  Toughest anywhere. 

Bob's Duratech Orion, just bought this vessel after boating season '07.  Bob plans to restore this one.  In the meantime, it's unique and very colorful!

Here is Trevor!  He and his father Gregg worked together to restore this 1963 14 foot Duratech Marlin.  It was a wreck to begin with...they did a great job! 

Ric & Denise's 1959 16 foot S169RF.  This is a Sealine Fishing Runabout model.

Phil's 16 foot 1964 Duratech Neptune.

Check out John's 14 foot S148...a 1958 Sealine runabout with custom wood seats and bimini.  Nice.

Mike's 1965 16 foot Duratech Neptune.  Nice original bimini top!  Interior appears to be original and in nice condition.

Here is Ed's 16 foot 1964 Duratech Neptune.

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