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We welcome your questions, suggestions, Duratech boat information, pictures of your Duratech, and anything else you believe would help us continue improving the Duratech boats website.  Be sure to visit our gallery of active Duratech boats across the U.S.!

Just acquired a Duratech boat and need some information such as hull specs or the year of your model?  Considering the purchase of a Duratech boat from eBay, Craigslist, or locally and have questions?  Repairing or restoring a Duratech and need some ideas/suggestions?  We'll always try our best to help you out.

**Note**  It's very helpful if you include your exact boat model name and serial # from the ID tag when you contact us.  We are better able to date your vessel and provide specs when we know the exact model and year, which is determined by that information.     

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end us an email anytime!   << If your email client does not automatically compose a new email when clicking, our name is:  duratech  and our domain is:  Providing you with these 2 halves of our email address helps to keep many of the robot spammers from finding us.  :-)


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