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While we're very glad you've visited, there are a lot of other excellent boating web pages (and videos!) worthy of checking out.  Here are just a few...

CBH - The Classic Boathouse - This is an excellent boating website if you like classic runabouts - aluminum, fiberglass & wood.  They feature an extensive gallery of member boats (over 5000 boat pics, and yes, including Duratech), a great member forum covering a plethera of boating topics and much more.  

iBoats - Here you can buy a boat, sell a boat, find accessories, and interact on a forum which covers every boat topic.  Talk about your boat, get some professional tips, find the answer to your engine problem, and a lot more.  

By-The-Sea - Just as their sur-name implies, "Everything Boats".  Buy a boat, list your boat, find boating resources and links to boating news, or join the discussion forum.  Much more. 

Duratech Restoration Video - This fun 7 minute video gives you a personal and up-close look at a Duratech boat restoration, as it's taken from junk-heap condition and turned back into a floating classic.  

Duratech 8 foot Pram - This video was submitted by a fellow Duratech owner who simply wants to share with us just how durable these little boats were engineered and constructed. The Pram in this video was made in the early '50's.  Fact - you'll not find a tougher, more seaworthy aluminum boat anywhere. 

Cheap Old Boats - If you're searching for an old classic or project boat, used motor, used boat or motor parts...this is the place!  

Finger Lakes Boating Museum is a non-profit organization with the objective of studying, interpreting and disseminating information on the boats, boating history and related artifacts specific to the 14 County Finger Lakes Region in New York.

DMI Classic Boat Restoration is a Michigan-based family owned company, dedicated to classic boat repair & restoration. 

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