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Here is just a sampling of the various types of Duratech information such as old  brochures, pictures, and historical artifacts.  We'll continue to update this section as information is discovered or shared with us.  If you need information about your Duratech model, or if you have something to submit, please contact us.

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Roy Moss posing with a row of Sealines in the Peekskill plant.

This small decorative Duratech button was attached to the corner of the windscreen of runabouts in the 1960's.  This one was on a '64 Duratech Neptune.

A portion of a Duratech brochure from 1965.

Brochure for the Duratech Sealine Deluxe Runabout.

Duratech Neptune Runabout from one of the last Duratech product brochures.  The Neptune was introduced for 1962, we've yet to see or hear of one newer than a 1965. 

Duratech Sealine runabouts were used used as landing craft by the CIA in the early 1960's.

Is it assumed that this is the image which Roy Moss saw on the cover of the NY Times, which let him know that one of his "customers" had actually been the CIA.  They bought Duratech Sealine runabouts completely loaded with options from Duratech, then stripped them and marked them for their own purposes.

Nice action shot of the 18' Duratech Galaxy Runabout; part of a Duratech brochure from 1962. 

Duratech Sportboat from a 1965 product brochure. 

Part of a brochure for the Duratech / Glass Magic fiberglass line.  See article, next image.

A new day for Duratech; they would begin manufacturing the Glass Magic line of fiberglass boats.  This was a very difficult market to penetrate, and after the Duratech glass factory burned down in 1961, they returned to a sole focus on the aluminum boats they were so well respected for.  Article from "Boat & Motor Dealer" magazine, January, 1959 issue.

If you would like to know if we have a vintage ad or brochure with specs for your particular boat, please email us via our CONTACT US page.  We do not charge for these.  Please send your boat MODEL and SERIAL NUMBER, both of which are found on the aluminum identification tag on your boat.  Depending on model, this may be located on the splash panel near the motor, the transom, the dash, or one of the gunwales.  Duratech did not use Hull ID, as this was not instituted until the 70's.  Assigned Hull ID's do not help us provide model information for your boat.  If you do not locate your ID tag, send us a few pics of the boat, this helps a lot. 

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