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*** DuratechBoats.com would like to honor the life of Roy I. Moss, founder of Duratech Boats.  Roy passed away on May 1st of 2009.  Roy was a great friend of this site, supporting our repository of historical and current information dedicated to this brand of tough quality aluminum boats which Roy founded back in 1950.  Roy was a true innovator and visionary in many respects.  Please visit the Roy I. Moss page to learn about just a few of this man's accomplishments.  ***

Welcome to the Duratech Boats web page!

This website is dedicated to the gathering and sharing of information about Duratech boats and the Duratech Manufacturing Corporation.  Having made your way to this page, you are no doubt either in search of information about Duratech, or perhaps have a Duratech boat of your own and have something to share.  Since the launch of this website in the fall of 2006, we've heard from many Duratech owners around the US, a number of whose boats can be seen in our gallery.  We also hear from a lot of owners looking for restoration ideas, model and age of their Duratech, and in some cases looking for a resource so that they can purchase a Duratech!  We're happy to help in any way we can in an effort to keep as many of these old classics floating as possible!

Have a look around, then send us your pictures and tell us your Duratech story.  We'd love to feature your boat in the gallery! 

DuratechBoats.com is not a company or business whatsoever.  This is a family owned website, we do not sell or trade merchandise or services of any kind.  We do not receive donations, tips or gifts of any kind. We are now and will remain a no-charge historical & informational resource.  

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